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Increase Revenue. 
Decrease Costs.

With PayMe, it’s a win-win.

PayMe understands the nature of business. Without working capital or a strong supply chain there can be problems. For corporations, we can work within your supply chain network and your suppliers can sell their invoices in exchange for early payment. Suppliers using PayMe receive our simple on demand finance service solution which empowers businesses to receive payments when cash is required. Plus, since PayMe is cloud-based, it’s easy to deploy on virtually any e-invoicing platform.


PayMe works with many corporations and suppliers globally across many industries: Entertainment, Fresh Produce, Distribution, Fishing and more. The perfect solution for Industry Export needs as well.

Easy to use and easy to see the benefits:

Get paid in as quickly as 24 hours

No borrowing, credit screening or security required

Low rates & all fees are disclosed before approval

Export Invoice - PayMe

Exports financed quickly and at low cost

PayMe pays your supplier allowing you to:

Save time, effort and money with real-time access to invoice status

Stabilize your supply chain by offering working capital

Improve supplier loyalty and retention

Aid suppliers in emerging or new markets with improved cash flow

How It Works

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Simply register once and submit the agreement for upfront payment to receive necessary working capital in days. Portal is available online 24/7 with a full transactional support team. With no long-term contracts, it’s a win win!

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