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Creating More Working Capital for Your Business

PayMe is a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use e-invoice payment solution. Developed by Aztec Exchange, a global provider of e-invoice finance products and services, PayMe is a “win-win” because:

Corporations can extend trade payable days, while minimizing impact on supplier liquidity

E-invoice providers now have a key differentiator in the market place and a sizable revenue opportunity

PayMe ensures early payment to suppliers, getting suppliers their money faster, even with exports

PayMe’s Early Invoice Payment Solution is a Win-Win


PayMe works with many corporations and suppliers globally across many industries: Entertainment, Fresh Produce, Distribution, Fishing and more. The perfect solution for Industry Export needs as well. Learn more.

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PayMe has provided us with a simple, fast and reliable early payment solution that will allow us to grow our business aggressively, as the solution is fully selective we remain in control of the funding process and can use it to take our business to the next level.

Joe Diggins, Managing Director of Tower Trade Finance

I would recommend Aztec Exchange to any company that’s maybe struggling to get the right working capital to fund their business. PayMe is a great alternative to mainstream banks. The strength of PayMe is that it funds other currencies. They fund Sterling, Euro and Japanese Yen sales. It’s that flexibility and versatility that’s key and very important to us.

Donie Holohan, CFO TNS Connect

I found ePayMe very intriguing so we decided to try it and see what its about..The rates are very good, and the invoices were processed quickly and conveniently. This is very important in the manufacturing business- to be able to quickly turn invoices into cash. I will continue to use and will recommend, as ePayMe has saved me time and money!

Lorena Tassara, Owner and Founder, Pronto Soluciones


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